Storm Cleanup is Serious Business
An important message from your local STIHL Dealer

Do not try to do it all yourself. If large limbs are broken and hanging or overhead chain saw work is needed, it is a job for a professional arborist.
Take safety precautions. Check out the situation. Be alert and stay away from downed utility lines and dangerous hanging branches that look like they are ready to fall.
Assess the damages. Evaluate your trees carefully by asking the following questions:
  • Other than the storm damage, is the tree basically healthy?
  • Are major limbs and/or the leader branch still remaining?
  • Is at least 50% of the tree's crown still intact?
  • Are there remaining branches that can form a new branch structure?
If you answered "yes" to the majority of these questions, there is a good chance for complete recovery. If you need assistance in evaluating the damage to your trees, contact a professional arborist.
Take steps to repair minor damage. Remove any broken branches or stubs still attached to the tree as well as any jagged remains of smaller sized broken limbs to minimize the risk of decay agents entering the wound. Smaller branches should be pruned at the point where they join larger limbs.
Resist the urge to over-prune. Don't worry if the tree's appearance is not perfect. And be sure to never top your trees. For more information on proper pruning techniques, check out our free downloadable pruning guide.
We can help. Don't begin any storm cleanup job without having the proper equipment and safety apparel. Stop by our showroom to find the tools and accessories you need to handle your tough cleanup tasks.